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Green Kashmiri Yemeni Habaib Style Scarf Shawl 56Cmx203Cm

Green Kashmiri Yemeni Habaib Style Scarf Shawl 56Cmx203Cm

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This long green Muslim Habaib scarf, also known as a sorban in Indonesian, is a must-have for your Islamic wardrobe. It is made from a soft cashmere-like material. This large scarf, aka Yemeni shemagh, can be worn as a turban or a shawl or headscarf. They are commonly worn by the Habaib (descendants of the Prophet SAW) in Muslim countries such as Yemen, Iraq and Indonesia but they can be worn by anyone. This beautiful “Madinah Green” color has become a favorite for Muslim men around the world. We suggest it as a unique gift for your loved ones or siblings. For the Eid holidays, it makes the perfect Muslim present. Stepping out to the Eid prayer or Jumua salah (Friday Prayers) with this green Yemeni shemagh Habaib scarf will turn heads and show your love for Islam. We know from the sahih hadith (Prophetic Traditions) that green was one of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) favorite colors. For this reason, many Muslims wear the color green. This embroidered Yemeni shawl is also a perfect Islamic-fashion winter scarf to just wrap around your neck or over your head in the cold weather. It is a good fabric to keep you warm.
The measurements are 82″ x 39″ (208cm X 100cm) and it’s about 1-mm thick. This large size makes this green Yemeni shemagh shawl versatile and comfortable. Whether you intend to use it as a turban or just a scarf, this scarf would make a valuable addition to your Muslim attire. The design along the borders may vary in color and shade from the photo shown in this listing. Made in Pakistan.

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Key Features

  • Beautiful Green cashmere-like material
  • Has brown/orangey decorative border with hemmed edges
  • Size: 82" x 39" (208cm X 100cm)
  • This kashmiri scarf can be worn as scarf/shawl/turban
  • Made in India and/or Pakistan
Brand MuslimClothing
Color Green
Material Cashmere
Pattern Color Orange
Size 83" x 43" (210cm x 108cm)