About Us

Find out what Muslim Mall is all about.

What our vision and mission is.

Find out what Muslim Mall is all about. What our vision and mission is.

What is MuslimMall.com?

MuslimMall.com is a fast-growing one-stop e-commerce site where you can shop hassle-free for all your Islamic needs. The vision behind MuslimMall.com is to become a unique and encompassing resource for the Muslim community!

Here are ten points, that are a part of our mission at MuslimMall.com that we hope will contribute to it becoming a respected household name throughout the Muslim ummah.

Founder and CEO of MuslimMall.com

MuslimMall.com was found by our CEO, Hamza Ali aka Hamza Ali Goodwin. An entrepreneur since the age of 14, Hamza Ali has started many businesses over the years. After start a Muslim clothing store offline in 2001, then moving online and merging to MuslimClothing.com in 2005, his online business has transformed and developed into what is now MuslimMall.com

Variety of Products

We are constantly endeavoring to include a wide variety of products that cater to the diverse needs of Muslims around the world. To mention a few, our catalog includes prayer mats, hijabs, modest fashion, Islamic decor, misbahas, Islamic jewelry, and other religious items. Looking toward the future we will eventually offer products in the area of hygiene, Halal foods, and Islamic books.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to working rigorously to ensure that all the products offered on MuslimMall.com comply with Islamic principles. We aim to build trust, customer loyalty, and long-term relationships with each one of our customers.

User Experience

Our website development team at MuslimMall.com is striving to deliver a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for our customers to find what they are looking for. The site features an extensive search function, organized categories, and clear shipping choices. Along with an easy checkout process, this is intended to enhance our customer’s shopping experience.

Customer Support

Excellent customer service and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We want to turn each MuslimMall.com shopper into a lifelong customer. To reach this goal, we have offices in three different countries and time zones. This allows us to provide prompt responses to queries, easy returns, and exchanges. Furthermore, it helps us in resolving issues swiftly in our customers’ respective languages, regardless of their location. We will soon reach our target of responding to all inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Reviews and Ratings

We allow customers to review and rate our products and service. This is to assist shoppers in making informed decisions while buying. It gives other shoppers insight into what items are popular and how our products meet expectations. All reviews you’ll find on MuslimMall.com are authentic and from verified buyers.

Community Engagement

We try to engage with our community of Muslim customers through blog posts, articles, or newsletters that provide pertinent Islamic content. We hope our customers will establish a strong relationship with MuslimMall.com that goes beyond just financial transactions. Locally, in the countries we source from, we work with our vendors to improve their economic standings. We also coach our vendors on how to improve their Islamic products to meet international standards.

Ethical Suppliers

We aim to always partner with suppliers, vendors, and businesses that share our vision of serving the Muslim ummah and maintaining ethical business practices. Working with Islamic entrepreneurs and Muslim producers and craftsmen around the world is something that we, at MuslimMall.com, take very seriously. We exhaust all our efforts to give preference to them before other vendors. This ensures that we keep a pristine ethical trail from raw materials to final finished products, then on to our customers.

Charity Partnerships

MuslimMall.com sees collaborating with charitable organizations as a vital part of its mission. This will be achieved in the form of donating a percentage of profits directly to orphans and the less fortunate among the Muslim ummah. We will also be providing our customers with the option to donate to their non-profit Islamic organization of choice at checkout.

Marketing and Outreach

At MuslimMall.com we also view Marketing as a facet of our business where we must practice Islamic ethics. Reaching out on social media platforms can be particularly distracting. With that in mind, we employ subtle marketing tactics by infusing Islamic teachings into our ads. We find this an effective way to reach our target audience while reaping the reward of sharing the teachings of Islam and being a reminder to others. Whether we post promos with greetings during Islamic holidays or run campaigns that incorporate reminders about noble acts of worship, we see this as a valuable way to do marketing that inspires goodness at the same time.

Shipping and Delivery

As much as providing top-notch customer service is important, professional shipping and delivery of orders is also vital. We have established global logistics that allow us to provide reliable and timely shipping. We offer convenient options for international delivery so that we can cater to the global Muslim ummah. We consider every positive impact that MuslimMall.com provides, no matter how small, as a contribution to serving the Muslim ummah. This list represents some of what we strive to put forth in fulfilling our mission as Muslim entrepreneurs. We hope that MuslimMall.com lives up to all of its goals and meets your expectations as customers. May your endeavors be blessed with success.