Collection: Islamic Hide Calligraphy

Have a look at's exclusive collection of Islamic art calligraphies silkscreened on recycled goat hides. The goat hides are preserved and shaved before being silk-screened with mostly black ink outlined with gold glitter. The finished product is stretched onto hand-carved wooden frames, making them ready to hang on the wall.

This unique artform has been around for centuries in the Islamic world. After the Islamic festival of Eidul-adha, there are abundant hides left from sacrifices (udhiya). Instead of discarding them, this artform reuses the hides and transforms them into beautiful Islamic art. All of the pieces are crafted in Indonesia by Muslims with high quality standards.

If you're looking for a low-priced piece of Islamic art to hang on your wall, this is the perfect place to start. These Islamic calligraphy goat hide designs also make unique Eid gifts. They leave a lasting impression and show your love for Islam and Islamic Calligraphy.

There are many designs available, such as Quranic verses like Ayatu-kursi, the Fatiha, names of Allah and the Muslim testimony of faith. You can choose from large frames or small sets that are made to go together. Look through the sizes and styles to find the best match for your home or masjid.

In summary,'s Islamic hide calligraphy is a perfect way to add a classy and unique touch of Islamic culture and Quranic ambiance to your living or worshiping space. It's a great option for those looking for a low-priced piece of Islamic art and also as a gift.

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