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Sterling silver tasbihs offered at the most competitive prices. Our selection includes oval-bead, round-bead, and disc-shaped silver tasbihs, available in 33-ct and 99-ct versions. The silver bead sizes vary in millimeters, so please choose carefully to ensure your preference is met.

Crafted from 925 sterling silver, these Muslim tasbih prayer beads make the perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, or birthday presents. The durable woven foxtail chains are made from high-quality sterling silver, rendering them virtually unbreakable. All our silver tasbihs are skillfully crafted in Turkey by Muslims.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, precious metal tasbihs possess special properties. For instance, silver has the ability to extract toxins from the body, making it an excellent choice for those seeking spiritual and physical benefits.

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All Sterling Silver Tasbihs

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