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IslamicDecorations® is a collecton on MuslimMall.com that offers a wide variety of Islamic Decorations, wall plaques, clocks, statues and ornaments. Unique Islamic decorative items for your home, office or masjid. We started this collection in 2013 with the intention of providing Muslims throughout the world with quality Islamic Art and home decor that is often hard to find, at reasonable prices.

Brief Background of Islamic Art & Decor

Islamic Art encompasses not only the art created specifically in service of the Muslim faith, such as mosque architecture and its furnishings, but also characterizes the broader artistic and architectural production in regions inhabited by Muslims. This diverse art can be produced for Muslim patrons or created by Muslim artists. Islam, being not just a religion but a comprehensive way of life, has fostered the development of a distinctive culture with its own unique artistic language. This artistic language is beautifully reflected in the art and architecture found throughout the vast expanse of the Muslim world.

Islamic Ornaments

Islamic Ornaments play a crucial role in the decorative arts and architecture within Islamic culture. These artistic elements can be categorized into three main types: the arabesque, which features intricate patterns of curving plants and flowers; geometric patterns, characterized by straight lines and contours; and Arabic calligraphy, which showcases stylized religious texts. These designs serve both aesthetic and symbolic purposes. Frequently, they involve elaborate interlacing across various mediums. Islamic ornamental designs have profoundly influenced European decorative art, particularly evident in Western interpretations of the arabesque style. At MuslimMall.com, we offer Islamic Ornaments inspired by Islamic Art to decorate your home.

Islamic Wall Plaques & Calligraphies

We offer unique wall plaques for the Modern Muslim Home’s Decor. These plaques are inspired by the Quran, sunnah and Islamic art such as calligraphy and Islamic geometric patterns. Our contemporary Islamic wall art collection turns your home into a constant reminder of Allah's blessings and your Islamic identity. We also offer gold glitter silkscreened goat hide calligraphies in many sizes. This is another common form of Islamic Decorations that is used throughout the Muslim world.

Quran Stands or Holders

Usually crafted from a single plank of wood, Quran stand come in many forms and designs. Quran stands allow you to place the Holy Quran in front of you for reading or on your table in a revered manner that makes stands out among other books. Our Quran stands are made from hardwoods and hand carved with unique patterns. From plain wood to ornate inlayed designs, Quran stand make the perfect gift for Muslims. Quran Stand represent an Islamic Decoration element that’s convenient to have at your place of worship and also add beauty to your home.

Quran Clocks

Battery-operated Islamic design wall clocks are a must for every Muslim home. Whether they feature a stylized version of short Quranic chapters or verses, Quran clock add charm to any Muslim home. Other Quran Clock designs feature Islamic sayings and reminders that catch your eye every time you look at them to check the time.

In summary, our MuslimMall.com’s Islamic Decorations collection varies from opening door curtains to Display Plates, Quran Holders and Quran Clocks. Furthermore, we also offer high quality Islamic calligraphy plaques, ornamentals displaying Ayatul-Kursi art, Asmaul-Husna designs, Jawshan Kabir Armor and Al-Fatiha Quran statues.

Check out our Islamic wall art selection for the very best in machine-made and unique handmade pieces. Muslimmall.com has the latest collection of Islamic Decorations in the form of Wall Art, Islamic calligraphies, Quran clocks, ornaments and much more.

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We currently offer high quality Islamic calligraphy plaques, ornamental Muslim plates, Ayatul-Kursi art, Asmaul-Husna designs, Jawshan Kabir armor and Al-Fatiha Quran statues as well as a wide range of Islamic decorations in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for the Muslim home or office.