Collection: Coffin Cover now offers Madinah green burial cloths, also known as casket covers, coffin cloths, or chadar. These coffin cover cloths are similar in color to the dome of the Prophet Muhammad SAW's Mosque in Madinatul-Munawwarah. They are the perfect choice for honoring your loved one in a beautiful and respectful way during an Islamic funeral.

Islamic janazah covers are commonly draped over the deceased person's body directly or used to cover the coffin while the person is in wake. They also add class and honor to Muslim funerals when used while the deceased is being carried to the grave site. Therefore, these cloths are suitable for any Islamic burial service.

With its elegant design and Quranic verse "Indeed we are Allah's and to Him we will return" embroidered in beautiful Arabic scripts, you can ensure that your loved one's remains receive respect, grace, and dignity. These coffin cover cloths can be hard to find, but in line with's mission, they are now available to the public.

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