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Muslim Jewelry was established in 2005 with the intention of providing Muslims throughout the world with unique jewelry that is often hard to find. Rings and semi-precious gemstones have a special place in Islamic culture and heritage. Muslims all agree that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) wore at least one ring, and this sunna is followed by Muslims all over the world.

There are numerous hadith that mention that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wore sterling silver rings with stones. It is said that he acquired an engraved ring of silver with Muhammad Rasulullah (Muhammad, Messenger of Allah) on it. “When the Prophet (SAW) wanted to send a letter to the Romans, he was told that they would not read any letter unless it had a seal on it, so he acquired a ring (called a khatim in Arabic) to stamp the letter. It is as if I can see it shining on his blessed hand, and engraved on it were the Arabic words ‘Muhammad the Messenger of Allah.’”

It was narrated that Anas (RA) said: The ring of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was worn on this … as he pointed to the little finger on his left hand. (Mishkat al-Masabih 4389)

Muslim jewelry indeed holds a unique and profound place in the world of art, culture, and faith. It is elegant, simple, spiritually oriented and heart touching. It's fascinating how these pieces are not just ornamental but carry deep symbolism and spiritual significance. The incorporation of duas (supplications) and verses from the Quran, such as the Kalimat of Shahada, Ayatul-Kursi, Nazar Ayat, and the likes, into pieces of jewelry is also common. They can serve as reminders when worn, but with special precautions.

Islamic Symbols

Wearing Islamic symbols like the Prophet’s Sandal Emblem, Evil Eye or Hamsa Hand, Crescent Moon & Star, Swords, etc adds layers of meaning to these pieces for those who like to display the Islamic identity, faith or just Muslim fashion.

The diversity in materials used for Muslim Jewelry is unique. From traditional metals such as silver and gold to contemporary choices like stainless steel, allows for a broad range of expressions.

Gem Stones

The use of gemstones not only enhances the visual appeal of jewelry but also brings significant meaning. Several stones such as turquoise and red agate were also worn by the Prophet Muhamad (SAW). For example, wearing agate is said to increase one’s reward, when worn in Salat and turquoise is said to keep away poverty. These are just a few examples of the properties that stones carry in Islam.

Engraved Jewelry

We offer different types of materials with Arabic wording embossed or engraved on them. One of the most common designs features the name of Allah in Arabic. The various styles, be it Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, filigree work, or traditional motifs, showcase the richness of Islamic art and its adaptation into wearable forms.

In essence, Islamic and Muslim jewelry is a beautiful integration of aesthetics and spirituality, offering individuals a tangible way to express their faith and cultural identity. It's a reminder that art and spirituality can be combined to create something deeply meaningful and useful.

For our Muslim Jewelry collection on MuslimMall.com, we procure well-made Islamic and Islamic-themed jewelry from different parts of the world and offer it to our customers at affordable prices. Offering multiple sizes and prices to cover a vast range of budgets for every customer, is important to us.

We are currently offering high quality sterling silver Allah pendants, rings, sword pendants, sterling silver chains, Ayatul-kursi pendants, Zamzam water vial pendants, brooches, scarf pins, Allah necklaces and lots more. Grab a piece of Muslim Jewelry as a gift for that special person or just as a treat for yourself.

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