Collection: Omani Style Kufis

What are Omani style tall embroidered kufi hats?

Omani style tall embroidered kufi hats are a popular accessory in many parts of the Muslim world. They are often referred to as Omani kufis, although they are now worn in many other countries as well. These kufis are usually about 4 inches tall and are distinguished by their intricate embroidery designs.

Similar styles in other countries

In some parts of Asia, these tall embroidered kufi hats are called Tupis. They are similar to the Barawani kufi hats worn in Kenya and Somalia. At TheKufi, we offer a wide range of Omani style kufis in a variety of colors and designs. Whether you prefer a black or white base, or are looking for something more vibrant, you'll find a kufi that suits your style.

Exclusive selection at TheKufi

At TheKufi, we strive to provide high-quality kufis in a range of sizes to ensure that everyone can find a hat that fits them perfectly. When shopping on our website, be sure to carefully choose your size from the drop-down menu to ensure that you get the right fit. Whether you're looking for a traditional Omani style kufi or something a bit more unique, you'll find something you love in our exclusive selection.

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