Collection: Habaib Kufi Hats

Why do we call these “Habaib” kufi hats? These white hard-shell hats are very commonly worn by the Habaib (descendants of the Prophet Muhammad SAW) in Yemen, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These Habaib Kufi Hats are often worn by ustads, shuyukh, and ulama as a sign of respect and knowledge but of course they are not exclusive to these groups and can be worn by anyone who wishes to don them.

Muslims in Asia often refer to this type of Muslim hat as a PECI. These hats are made with a stiff layer of acrylic and are covered in white fabric with full stitching on the sides and top. They are most commonly found in white, but are also available in other colors.

There are two different types of Habaib kufis: rigid and semi-rigid. Rigid Habaib kufis have a stiffer material and offer a more structured, formal look, while semi-rigid Habaib kufis are made with a slightly softer material and have a more relaxed, casual appearance.

It is important to accurately measure your head size before purchasing a PECI to ensure a proper fit. TheKufi puts attention and care into making sure the sizes are accurate.

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