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Discover the finest collection of Yemeni Shemagh Muslim men's scarves available on the internet. The elongated Haba'ib or Shemagh Yemeni shawl, also recognized as a sorban in Indonesia, is made from a soft cashmere-like material, delivering a luxurious touch to its wearer and can be worn as a scarf, turban or shawl. These shawls were traditionally worn by the Haba'ib (the descendants of the Prophet SAW), ulama, ustadhs, and Islamic preachers in Yemen and Indonesia. Nonetheless, they have now gained widespread popularity throughout the Muslim world and can be worn by anyone. Interestingly, these Yemeni scarves have even been reported to be among the articles donned by our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

It is reported in narrations, according to one of the esteemed companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Anas Ibn Malik, that the Prophet ﷺ held a particular fondness for the Yemeni Shawl above all other types of shawls. In today's world, there are numerous varieties of Yemeni shawls that are worn by Muslims and Arabs alike. These range from handwoven multicolored shawls to simple plain classic designs. Correspondingly, the prices of these shawls can also vary substantially. At, we aim to provide the most affordable options for the Muslim ummah to choose from. Our selection of Yemeni shawls is carefully curated to cater to the diverse preferences of our customers while ensuring that our products are reasonably priced without compromising on quality.

These Yemeni shemagh shawls on average measure approximately 82" x 39" (208cm x 100cm) and are about 1mm thick. They are lightweight and easy to handle. These Muslim men's shawls are very versatile as they can be worn as a turban, shoulder scarf, kefiyyeh, or ghutra, depending on one's preferences. To ensure that your Yemeni shemagh shawl lasts long and stays in optimal condition, it is recommended to have them dry-cleaned instead of washing them in a standard washing machine. By following these guidelines, you can maintain the quality and prolong the life of your cherished shawl.

You can wear the Yemeni shemagh men's shawl with a long thawb or any conventional dress clothes from any culture. When dressing up for special Islamic occasions such as Jumua, Eid, or other gatherings, the Yemeni shemagh shawls offer a unique touch of style and sophistication. It is worth noting that Allah commands us in the Quran saying "khudhu ziynatakum inda kulli masjidin" or ("wear your adornments to every place of prostration") in Surah A'raf, ayat 31. Adorning oneself with a Yemeni shemagh shawl is, therefore, an expression of respect and honor for one's faith, as well as a means of embracing the diversity of Islamic cultures around the world.

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