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Khuffy® offers three varieties of Halal Leather Khuff Socks: the new zipper-less elastic slip-on model, the classic zipper style, or the low-cut ankle design. These leather khuff are made from soft, supple sheep and cow hide leather and come in a range of colors and sizes to suit any preference. Perfect for both men and women.

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Introducing Khuffy: A High-Quality Line of Unisex Halal Leather Khuff Socks

Khuffy® is one of MuslimMall.com’s newest brands. Khuffy offers three varieties of unisex halal leather khuff or khuffain socks for masah wudhu.

Zippered Khuff

The classic zipper style khuff come up above the ball of the ankle. Features a zipper on the inner side which is just long enough to keep the khuff on your foot comfortably. There is a small leather strap with a snap to keep the zipper closed. We offer the zippered khuff in many sizes and colors such as black, camel brown, burgundy and dark brown, to name a few.

Zipperless Khuff

You may also choose the newer zipper-less elastic slip-on khuff. This convenient style eliminates the zipper and is perfect for wearing inside your shoes or boots. Offered in many colors and sizes as well. Soft and comfortable sheep and cow hide leather! Choose your size and style from the drop-down boxes. Excellent for men or women. 

Low-cut Slipper Khuff

Our low-cut leather slipper khuff are perfect for wearing around the house, mosque or zawiya. This style is especially handy for walking on cold floors during the winter months. These khuff sit below the ball of the ankle and thus may not be considered sufficient to fit the criteria for masah socks.

At Khuffy® we strive to provide men and women with quality halal leather Khuff socks with accurate sizing and unique colors. Halal Leather Khuff (Khuffain) are a must have for the masjid and for masah and tayammum. Please choose the color and correct size to get the perfect Khuff for yourself or your loved ones on MuslimMall.com. Don’t forget to check out the special offers.

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