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Inmate or Prison Orders - Muslim Mall

Here at, we have close to 20 years of experience in providing quality Islamic clothing and accessories to customers in correctional facilities throughout the USA. Since our company is registered and verified with D‑U‑N‑S and US SAMS, there are no issues with shipping directly to inmates from our online Islamic stores.

Prison Catalog and Order Form (PDF)

Please read through the following before placing inmate orders


There can be different specific rules and regulations for each correctional facility. For this reason, it is vital that you check on each institution’s website to get the most up-to-date information regarding inmate orders. Many of our Islamic products and accessories can be classified as “Inmate Religious Property” and therefore be permitted. Here are a few general guidelines that most prisons follow:

Kufis (hats) – Usually only allow white, single ply, no markings, no symbols, no tassels

Tasbihs (prayer beads) – Maximum length 26 inches; Max bead size 7mm

Sajjadahs (prayer rugs) – Neutral colors, max size 30×48 inches (excluding fringe)

Kefiyyehs (shawls) – Usually only allow white, max size 72×24 inches

Chains (necklaces) – Max length 26 inches, max value $100

Pendants (charms) – Max diameter size 1.25 inches, max value $100

Bonus Items

Important notice – Due to prison regulations and security concerns, any bonus items/freebies/giftboxes offered on the website do not apply to orders shipped to correctional facilities.

Additionally, promo codes and coupons are valid for orders placed directly through the website, however they cannot be used for manual/offline/mail-in orders.

Inmate orders from outside the U.S.A.

Important – Correctional facilities can only receive inmate orders shipped from within the U.S.A. Before completing the purchase, please check the product and checkout pages to make sure the items chosen will be shipped from within the country and not from one of our international warehouses. In cases like this we will try to contact the customer to offer a replacement, and if we don’t hear back we will offer a refund.

Address format for inmate orders






Family & Friends of inmates

You are welcome to order from our online Islamic websites like you normally would, however, to make sure your order is delivered successfully, please verify the following information:

– Valid inmate number

– Inmate has not moved to a different facility

– The inmate currently has “package privileges”

Inmates that have questions about an existing order can contact us through a relative or friend on their behalf. Alternatively, if their facility allows it, they may reach us directly at “” via the JPay Secure Messaging Program.

Inmates/Prisoners mail orders

Please fill out our prison order form which can be downloaded at the top of this page. Please include a check made out to “” and mail to:

3096 S. Horner Blvd #267

Sanford, NC 27332

Depending on USPS backlogs, please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your order form to arrive to us by mail and your package to be sent back to the correctional facility.


The majority of our Islamic items may be classified as “Inmate Religious Property”. In addition to ordering off of our website, we are happy to send physical color catalogs. Please use the chat feature on this site or email us at

Prison commissary/wholesale suppliers

To request a wholesale pricelist, please contact us via phone (843) 568-4615 or email For larger Islamic product orders, we can manufacture according to your size and color specifications. We also offer custom packaging, labels and barcodes for larger bulk orders.

Returns & Refunds

If for any reason the package is returned to us (i.e., temporary suspension of package privileges, inmate has moved to a different facility), we will refund the order minus the initial shipping and handling fees.

Check clearing & Chargebacks

We process all orders including inmate orders as quickly as possible, however there still may be delays between the time a check is requested from the correctional facility, approved, mailed to us, deposited then cleared. Additionally, please note that banks charge a $10 chargeback fee for cancelled or returned checks. If necessary, we will recoup this fee, along with the original check amount, by submitting a payment request from your institution. In some cases, the Inmate General Welfare Fund will deduct this amount directly from the inmate’s commissary account.

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