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Prophet's sandal kufi hats are Muslim hats and caps featuring the Nalain emblem embroidered on the top and/or sides. provides a range of handcrafted Nalain kufi hats, including double layer hard shell Nalain hats, rigid Nalain hats, semi-rigid Nalain hats, and stiffened Nalain hats, all specially crafted for TheKufi brand. These Nalain kufi hats are carefully crafted by Muslims in Turkey and Indonesia, and are available in many sizes, colors, and styles.

What is the Nalain symbol? This famous symbol is recognized worldwide for representing the simple leather sandals of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Many Muslims choose to wear this symbol, which is embroidered on these Nalain kufi hats, as a way to express their love of the Prophet (SAW). This Islamic Nalain symbol is also commonly worn as pins or brooches on hats, turbans, and other clothing items.

A picture of what is said to be the Blessed Sandal of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Looking for a unique Muslim fashion statement that inspires remembrance and love for Rasulullah (SAW)? Consider getting one of our Nalain kufi hats for yourself or as a gift. These hats are not only stylish, but also perfect for wearing during formal occasions or while praying. Don't wait any longer to add this meaningful accessory to your wardrobe. Purchase your very own Nalain kufi hat today!

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