Collection: Songkok Peci Hats

Solid Black Velveteen Songkok Hats – Traditionally worn in Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. They are lined and have an air screen to keep your head cool. These are currently available according to your size and they ship from Indonesia via Registered Mail.

The songkok or peci or kopiah is a cap widely worn in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippines and southern Thailand, mostly among Muslim males. It has the shape of a truncated cone, usually made of black or embroidered felt, cotton or velvet. It is also worn by males in formal situations such as wedding feasts, funerals or festive occasions such as the Muslim Eid ul-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

It is called "songkok" in the Ethnic Malay cultural sphere in Malay Archipelago. While in Java, it is called "kopiah" or "kopeah". It is also known widely in Indonesia as "peci", although peci has a more ellipse shape and sometimes decorated. The name "peci" was probably derived from the Dutch word petje means literary "small hat", or probably derived from the Turkish fez instead.

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