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Malaysian-Style Muslim Kufi Hat – White Rigid Stitched Oval Peci Islamic Cap 3-Inch Tall Kopiah

Malaysian-Style Muslim Kufi Hat – White Rigid Stitched Oval Peci Islamic Cap 3-Inch Tall Kopiah

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This Malaysian-style hat, which is popular in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia), is among Muslims because it gives an elegant and fashionable impression to anyone who wears it. It’s one of TheKufi’s newest kufis styles. This unique Malaysian kufi, also known as a peci or kopiah, is often worn by scholars and Habaib, who are respected Muslim leaders and religious figures. In general, the kufi hat is often seen as a symbol of piety and religious devotion, and is often worn as a sign of respect for Islamic customs and traditions. It is also worn by many people as a way to show their cultural identity and connection to the Muslim faith. In addition to being worn by scholars and Habaib, the Malaysian kufi is also popular among people of all ages and backgrounds, and is often worn for daily activities, family events, and formal occasions. This rigid Malaysian kufi is made with inner foam material and is layered with fabric inside and out. Crafted with holes for air circulation to help keep the wearer cool and comfortable. Why is this kufi hat comfortable? It’s comfortable to wear as it sits well on the head and conforms to your head shape. It also features unique Islamic symbol embroidery designs on the sides.
It has a dense stitched finish all around the sides and top, which helps it maintain its shape and provides a polished appearance. The kufi is known for its comfort and durability, making it a popular choice for both formal and informal occasions.

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Key Features

  • Popular kufi style of Malaysia and Southeast Asia
  • Perfect for formal occasions or everyday use in salah
  • Fits comfortably conforming to your head shape
  • Features vent holes for circulation and full stitching
  • Foam soft kufi
Brand TheKufi
Color White
Material Rayon/Poly Mix
Pattern Wavy Line Embroidery
Pattern Color White