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Tijani Tariqah Sibha – Limited Edition Madhawi 13x5mm Tamarind Pewter Inlay Contour Dividers 100 Beads

Tijani Tariqah Sibha – Limited Edition Madhawi 13x5mm Tamarind Pewter Inlay Contour Dividers 100 Beads

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Introducing the exquisite beauty of our Wooden Tijaniyyah or Tijani Tariqah Tasbih, a Limited Edition piece that is both ornamental and meaningful. We call it the “Madhawi” Tasbih named after the town where Sayyid Ahmad Tijani was born. Designed for the Tijani Wird (litany), this 100-bead tasbih is crafted with meticulous attention to detail in Indonesia. It showcases exceptional crafts skills that stand out with every bead. This tasbih’s other distinction is its not one but three extra 10-bead counters. It also features 5 hand-crocheted dark green and yellow ball stops. The additional movable space marker is also a valuable feature.

Unique Materials

Each bead of this Tijani Tariqah Tasbih is made from the core of trunks of fallen Indonesian tamarind fruit trees. The dark brown wood has rich character, providing a soothing and grounding feel as the beads pass through your fingers. The woven cotton cord is heavy-duty to ensure the strength of the tasbih while still adding to its aesthetics. Shiny pewter is inlayed into this tasbih’s majestic alif bead and the ornamental dividers adding a touch of classic beauty.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

The 13x5mm rounded-edge disc shaped beads are skillfully crafted one-by-one using hand-operated small tools, adding a touch of elegance and durability. This combination of tamarind wood and pewter creates a visually stunning contrast, making this tasbih not just a prayer tool, but a piece of art. The pewter inlay enhances the overall design, ensuring each bead is a testament to the artisan’s skill and dedication. We guarantee that this Tijani Tariqah Tasbih will not come apart under normal use or we’ll replace your tasbih without charge. The tamarind wood beads are polished to a natural shine without using any lacquer or chemical finishes. The size of the Alif is approximately 78x15mm, and the dividers are 28x10mm. The tasbih has a circumference of 26 inches, making it suitable for smaller heads, with a total length of 21 inches. When looking for the perfect tasbih, one might first consider the material then the weight and feel. We all have a different preference when it comes to our tasbih but for those looking for weight and unique design, this limited-edition Tijani Tariqah Tasbih is sure to meet your expectations. What you see is what you’ll get.

Limited Edition Exclusivity

As a limited-edition piece, this Tijani Tariqah Tasbih is considerably weighty, providing a substantial feel that signifies its quality and uniqueness. These Tijani Tasbihs are not massed produced. They are made on a small cottage industry scale by Muslims in Indonesia. Owning this tasbih means having a rare item that is both beautiful and functional, perfect for personal use or as a cherished gift.

Perfect for Devotion and Reflection

With its 100 beads, this tasbih is ideal for daily prayers and adhkar. The beads are divided according to the litanies of the world renowned Tijaniyyah or Tijani Tariqah founded by the late Shaykh Ahmad Al-Tijani (1737-1815). That is 12-18-20-20-18-12 The smooth transition of beads through your fingers aids in maintaining focus and rhythm during recitation. Its substantial weight and exquisite design make it a perfect companion for spiritual practice, enhancing your moments of devotion and reflection.


Elevate your spiritual experience with our beautiful wooden Tijani Tariqah Tasbih. This Limited Edition 13x5mm rounded-edge disc tasbih offers a unique feel and exceptional craftsmanship. Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this tasbih is a beautiful blend of tradition, nature, and artistry. Order yours today and experience the elegance and exclusivity of this remarkable piece.

Key Features

  • Limited Edition Exclusive Sibha with 3 extra 10-bead counters
  • Made from the core of fallen Indonesian tamarind fruit trees.
  • 100 Unique rounded-disc beads measuring 10 wide x 5mm thick
  • Features delicate pewter inlaid into the Alif and 5 Dividers
  • Crafted with virtually unbreakable strong woven cotton cord.
Brand TheTasbih
Color Brown
Material Wood
Wood Tamarind Fruit Tree
String Color Grey