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Stunning Marble Brown Plastic Tasbih with 99 Allah Muhammad Engraved Beads

Stunning Marble Brown Plastic Tasbih with 99 Allah Muhammad Engraved Beads

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A beautiful marble brown plastic tasbih with engravings resembling handwritten script of Allah and Muhammad on each bead. The alif/imam of the tasbih holds the engraving “La ilaha illallah” on one side and “Muhammad Rasulullah” on the other. Emerging from the alif, the thick nylon string that holds the tasbih together is decorated with two extra beads on each side.

This marble brown plastic tasbih consists of 99 beads, excluding the dividers at every 33-bead section and the additional beads on the alif.

The brown color, resembling copper, gracefully transitions into a creamy white shade, resulting in a stunning marble-like appearance. The engravings are rendered in pitch black, making them clearly visible. The nylon string used to string the beads matches the brownish color of the marble beads, with a glossy copper-like sheen.

Each bead on this marble brown plastic tasbih measures 7mm in size and possesses a gently round-ish shape, rather than being perfectly circular. To describe their shape, one might liken it to a round shape with the top and bottom slightly truncated. This shape provides a comfortable grip and feel to the beads. The tasbih’s total circumference is 24.5 inches, making it easily wearable around the neck.

Adjusting the bead tension on this tasbih is a simple task. By loosening the 1-inch knot located above the alif/imam and adjusting the position of the alif, you can set your preferred distance between the beads. Once adjusted, simply tighten the knot securely.

Key Features

  • Small black engraved Allah Muhammad Muslim tasbih
  • Has 7mm beads, 24.5-inch circumference with adjustable tension
  • Alif has La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah on sides
  • It comes in a gift box for US and Canada - excellent gift idea!
  • Has 99 beads with dividers and fits over the head
Brand TheTasbih
Color Caramel Brown
Material Plastic
Plastic Type Plastic
String Color Brown

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