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Scented 33-bead Pine Pitch Wood Muslim Prayer Beads Rosary 8mm Wood Misbaha

Scented 33-bead Pine Pitch Wood Muslim Prayer Beads Rosary 8mm Wood Misbaha

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Muslim Pine Wood Tasbih aka misbaha, zikr beads, dhikr beads, subha or tesbih. Introducing our naturally-scented 33-bead pitch ISLAMIC prayer beads or rosary. Made with 8mm beads, this 33-bead Indonesian Pine Wood Tasbih is crafted from hard-to-find naturally resin-soaked pine wood (aka pitch). The wood is known as “kayu damar” meaning “gum wood” in the Indonesian language. It has a pleasant natural pine scent. The scent may dissipate with time as a result of being exposed to different elements. We suggest keeping this Pine Wood Tasbih in a sealed bag when not being used, if you’d like the scent to last longer.

This Pine Wood Tasbih has a 10, 7 and 3-bead decorative counter above the alif/imam. The counter beads are smaller measuring approximately 5mms. This model will not fit over your head but may fit on your wrist. This is the perfect travel tasbih to have in your car during your daily commute as well. Our Pine Wood Tasbihs are strung on durable nylon string made up of multiple threads woven together for extra strength.

Pine Wood
A pinewood forest with a stack of freshly harvested logs in the foreground.

Pine wood has been used as a source for making fragrance oils and essential oils going back to ancient times. The crisp pine scent is also used for air fresheners and deodorizers. The scent reminds you of the forest glen filled with pine notes and a rich whiff of pine needles. This is why the wood from pine trees makes the perfect Pine Wood Tasbih.

Comes in a silver foil gift box for US and Canada customers with single purchases. Makes the perfect Eid gift.

Key Features

  • Natural exotic wood prayer beads
  • Strung on durable string with high craftsmanship
  • Unique pine wood (pitch) from Indonesia
  • Comes in a gift box for US & Canada customers
  • Beautifully sculpted stops at the ends above the Alif
Brand TheTasbih
Color Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Pine
String Color Brown