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Sandalwood Jerrahi Dhikr Beads Scented Sufi Tasbih 9-mm 11-bead Markers & Black Tassel

Sandalwood Jerrahi Dhikr Beads Scented Sufi Tasbih 9-mm 11-bead Markers & Black Tassel

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Unique sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads, delicately made from Indonesian sandalwood, known as cendana in Indonesian. These Sufi prayer beads, also called a tasbih, misbah or subha, consist of 99 8-mm beads. Specifically designed for the Jerrahi (Cerrahi) Sufi order or Tariqah, these sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads feature a 4-mm tamarind wood bead marker at the 11th bead from the alif on both sides. Different tariqahs have their preferences for markers used in their spiritual litanies and remembrances (dhikrs or adhkar). Thus, we designed and decided to offer these sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads after receiving many inquiries from our customers.

Our Sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads are strung on durable black woven nylon cord. The strength of our woven cord makes these sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads virtually unbreakable. The inside circumference of this Sufi tasbih is approximately 32.2 inches (82 cm), making it easy to wear around the neck by simply sliding it over your head. The total length, including the tassel, measures 23.2 inches (59 cm). The sculpted alif, also known as the imam bead, has a length of about 1.7 inches (4 cm). Our handcrafted prayer bead tasbih or sibha features a patented adjustable tension design, allowing you to customize the space or tension between the beads according to your preference. These Sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads also feature a one-of-a-kind 10-bead counter between the alif bead and the tassel for extensive repetitions.

Enhancing its unique appearance, this tasbih is adorned with a black 100% nylon tassel, elegantly decorated with thin, shiny coiled copper wire. We also offer a lifetime warranty against any defects or breakage under normal use. Should your sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads break under normal usage, we will happily replace it at any time. For customers in the USA and Canada, each purchase comes beautifully presented in a gift box, adding an extra touch of elegance. That also makes them perfect to be purchased in bulk and given out as Islamic wedding souvenirs.

Please note that the sandalwood scent will naturally fade over time due to the wood’s aging process and its exposure to moisture from the environment or body oils/sweat. To prolong the scent, we recommend storing the tasbih in an airtight zip bag. Additionally, since our sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads are handcrafted, slight variations in design may occur. Scented sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads tasbihs make an excellent gift for the Eids or other holiday occasions, as well as for birthdays, wedding souvenirs or special events. Our sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads come packaged in a gift box (for customers in the U.S. and Canada). Trust in the quality of TheTasbih’s craftsmanship with these exceptional handcrafted prayer beads.

NOTE: this is a natural wood product. Variances may occur with each tasbih, in that the beads may not be all uniformly-shaped and they may have different shades of wood

Key Features

  • Handcrafted 9mm sandalwood with black decorated tassels
  • Inside diameter of 32.2-inches to fit easily over the head
  • Strung on woven nylon string with a high-quality tassel
  • Sandalwood from Indonesia, extra 10-bead counter & marker
  • Comes in a silver-foil gift box for US & Canada customers
Brand TheTasbih
Color Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Sandalwood
String Color Black

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