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Prayer Rug – Maroon Holy Kabah Design With Arabesque Flowers Ja Namaz Salah Carpet Sajjadah

Prayer Rug – Maroon Holy Kabah Design With Arabesque Flowers Ja Namaz Salah Carpet Sajjadah

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MUSLIM PRAYER RUGS for salah, namaz and worship. These large plush velvet smooth prayer rugs are suitable all adults and teens, both women and men. This Muslim salat or prayer rug measures 28×43.3-inches (or 70×110 cm) with matching fringe on the top and bottom. The thickness of this Islamic sajjadah is about .20 inches (5-6mm) and it weighs approximately 1.15 lbs. (500-550-grams). The back of the prayer rug shows the clean woven surface. The unique kabah (Qiblah direction for salah in Makkah in which all MUSLIMS pray) design is accented with gold-tone frames and detailed embossing with colorful flowers and a stark border. These Islamic prayer rugs are perfect to travel with or put in your prayer room or personal mihrab (prayer niche at home. These prayer rugs feature a unique mix of solid colors and lighter accents that stand out, this adds beauty and elegance to the design. The details are embossed making them stand out with contrast and color. These ISLAMIC prayer rugs have other names in different countries. For example, they are called ja-namaz in Urdu, seccade in Turkish and sajadah in Bahasa Indonesia. Wherever MUSLIMS are in the world, prayer rugs are a must to have. With a prayer rug, one can be sure that the place where they put their forehead in worship or salah is always clean and free from impurities. Prayer rugs are not only practical and symbolic, they can also help one keep his or her concentration during worship, dhikr or salawat. In addition, they beautify and decorate one’s house or place or prayer with their classic colors and designs.
CARE RECOMMENDATION: Dry-clean, hand-wash or wash separately in machine on gentle cycle with soft detergent.

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Key Features

  • Large MUSLIM prayer rugs size: 28x43.3-inch (70×110 cm)
  • Stark gold-tone framed plush velvet with flowers and qiblah
  • Available in 6 colors with matching fringe on top and bottom
  • ISLAMIC gift for Eid, weddings, birthdays or any occasion
  • With Embossed designs that add elegance and character
Brand TheSajadah
Color Maroon
Material Synthetic Fabric
Size 28" x 43.3" (70cm × 110 cm)
Weight 1.15 lbs. (500-550-grams)