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Marble Green 7mm Plastic with Black Allah Muhammad Prayer Beads

Marble Green 7mm Plastic with Black Allah Muhammad Prayer Beads

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This small plastic Muslim tasbih has Allah & Muhammad engraved on each bead and the alif has “La ilaha illallah” on one side and “Muhammad Rasulullah” on the other side written with black color. There are 99-beads in total with dividers at each 33-bead section. They are 7mm (round-ish) beads and this tasbih necklace has a 24.5″ circumference so it will fit over the head. The tension can be adjusted by loosening the knot above the alif/imam (which is 1-inch long) then tightening it after setting your preferred distance between the beads. It comes in a small cotton-filled 3.5×3.5×1-inch gift box for US and Canada customers. Note: Beads vary slightly in shape and are not uniformly round.

Key Features

  • Small green engraved Allah Muhammad Muslim tasbih
  • Has 7mm beads, 24.5-inch circumference with adjustable tension
  • Alif has La ilaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah on sides
  • It comes in a gift box for US and Canada - excellent gift idea!
  • Has 99 beads with dividers and fits over the head
Brand TheTasbih
Color Green
Material Plastic
Plastic Type Plastic
String Color Green