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1000-Bead Citrus Wood (Kemuning) Tasbih – 8Mm Prayer Beads – Subha Misbaha With Beautiful Black Tassels

1000-Bead Citrus Wood (Kemuning) Tasbih – 8Mm Prayer Beads – Subha Misbaha With Beautiful Black Tassels

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Unique 1000-bead citrus wood tasbih prayer beads on offer. This is a limited edition tasbih which is only produced in small quantities. Also known as an “Alfiya”, this tasbih is perfect for extensive repetitions and spiritual practices. Using 8-mm dyed citrus wood beads, this 1000-bead tasbih is handcrafted by Muslims in Indonesia with attention to detail and quality. The beads are not made by machine but rather handcrafted with small hand tools. In Indonesian the wood is called “kemuning” and it is a lightweight yet sturdy and strong wood. There are 1000 beads plus hand carved dividers at each 100-bead section. The beautifully carved alif or imam bead is about 1.5 inches long. This tasbih also features an extra 10-bead counter above the alif for even more repetitions.

The beads are a rich light yellow color and the 3 beautiful black tassels that stand out against the beads. We use a woven 100% soft nylon cord to string this 1000-bead tasbih which makes it virtually unbreakable and strong enough to last a lifetime. We are confident that it can even be passed down through generations.

This tasbih has another unique feature which is that you can adjust the tension between the beads using our patented lock-bead mechanism above the alif bead. Consider purchasing one of these 1000-bead tasbihs for someone you love. They make the perfect wedding or Eid gift.

Note: Small imperfections and variances in bead shapes and sizes may be noticed due to this tasbih being crafted by hand.

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Key Features

  • Handcrafted 1000-Bead tasbih with durable string
  • Features 3 elegant contrasting black tassels
  • 8mm beads divided at each 100-bead section
  • Perfect for extensive repetitions and adhkar
  • Made from exotic citrus tree wood
Brand TheTasbih
Color Yellow
Material Wood
Wood Type Citrus
String Color Black