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Saucer-Shaped 5.5X8Mm Tamarind Wood Prayer Beads Tasbih Rosary

Saucer-Shaped 5.5X8Mm Tamarind Wood Prayer Beads Tasbih Rosary

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Natural dark brown dense tamarind wood prayer beads with 2 durable matching dark brown tassels made from nylon. Made from the core of the Indonesian tamarind tree known as “galih asem” in Bahasa Indonesia. These saucer-shaped beads are nice to the touch and preferred by some over round beads. The beads are lightly polished to present a fine luster. The inside diameter of this tasbih is 20.5-inches (52 cm) so it would not fit over most heads. The alif and dividers (also called imam and muezzins) are elegantly lathed by hand. Due to being handcrafted, our tasbihs may vary slightly in shapes and natural color variances may occur. The added 10-bead counter above the alif is made with 4x6mm beads. Comes in a small gift box for U.S. and Canada customers. *Total length: 54cm

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Key Features

  • Made with Saucer-shaped 5.5 mm x 8 mm wood beads
  • 99-bead count plus dividers with 2 brown soft nylon tassels
  • Prayer beads feature a 10-bead counter & spacer marker
  • Has smaller circumference, does not fit over the head
  • Assembled with unbreakable durable woven nylon string
Brand TheTasbih
Color Dark Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Tamarind
String Color Brown