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Sandalwood Islamic Prayer Beads 7mm 100-bead Scented Wood Black Tassels in Box

Sandalwood Islamic Prayer Beads 7mm 100-bead Scented Wood Black Tassels in Box

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Sandalwood Muslim prayer beads with 100 beads. This 7-mm tasbih has 33 beads on the right and left sides and 34 beads in the middle section. Our Islamic wooden prayer beads feature our patented adjustable tension option which allows to set the distance or gap between the beads to your exact preference. This allows for you to make the tasbih comfortable to use. This tasbih also has two sandalwood dividers marking each section of the beads. Our high-quality nylon tassels are decorated with shiny copper wire which is inspired by the design of tasbih prayer beads made in Persia and Tunisia. Being crafted from natural Indonesian sandalwood, they have a subtle pleasant sandalwood scent. This tasbih also features an additional 10-bead counter above the alif/imam or extensive repetitions. Sandalwood has been used in making Muslim prayer beads for many centuries. The feel of the wood and the scent offer a pleasant dhikr and meditation experience. The beads are lathed and sanded by hand on a small scale, not mass produced with electronic machines. To make sure it fits easily over the head, this tasbih has a 28-inch (74 cm) inside circumference. It also features a movable place marker for setting at a certain number of beads. Strung on virtually unbreakable multiple woven nylon strands, this tasbih is sure to be passed down for generations. Prayer beads make perfect gifts for loved ones, Muslims and wedding souvenirs. Each tasbih is shipped in a small simple gift box with single purchases. Because we are so confident in the quality and strength of our prayer beads, we offer a lifetime warranty on them. If your tasbih happens breaks under normal use, we’ll replace it free of charge.
Note: This is a natural product, the scent may dissipate with time due to drying and slight imperfection in color and character may be noticed. This product is made from the Indonesian Sandalwood tree itself not the roots of the sandalwood tree. Small imperfections in the bead shapes may occur with this handmade product.

Key Features

  • Natural scented 7mm Indonesian sandalwood beads
  • Strung on virtually unbreakable woven nylon string
  • High quality decorated tassels with extra 10-bead counter
  • Comes in a small gift box for US & Canada customers
  • Designed with adjustable tension between the beads
Brand TheTasbih
Color Light Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Sandalwood
String Color Black