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Oud Aloeswood Tasbih Zikir Prayer Beads 6mm with Natural Oud Scent

Oud Aloeswood Tasbih Zikir Prayer Beads 6mm with Natural Oud Scent

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Beautiful naturally scented 99-bead oud (aloeswood) tasbih. Handcrafted using 6mm beads with a 10-bead counter, dividers and a movable spacer. Made from the roots of the Asian aloeswood tree. Has 2 copper decorated black tassels. No perfumes added. The subtle oud scent is from the oud itself. *Limited edition! Small quantity available! Note: TheTasbih® in the photo depicts the model of TheTasbih® but each tasbih will be slightly different as they are handcrafted from a natural material. Note: We guarantee these to be made from genuine aloeswood. When working with the wood to make beads from it the scent naturally comes out because they are heated somewhat by the machinery. You will smell this subtle oud scent when you receive it but you should expect that the oud scent will dissipate after a while as a result of the effect that the air has on them.

Key Features

  • Natural exotic oud (aloeswood) prayer beads
  • Strung on durable woven string with high quality tassels
  • Unique natural oud scent - no perfume added
  • 6mm Round Beads with 10-Bead Counter and spacer
  • Copper decorated tassels with added movable spacer
Brand TheTasbih
Color Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Oud/Agarwood/Aloeswood/Gaharu
String Color Black