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Large Sibha 13-Mm Bright Green & Metallic Silver Meandros Plastic Resin 33-Bead Muslim Tasbih Prayer Beads

Large Sibha 13-Mm Bright Green & Metallic Silver Meandros Plastic Resin 33-Bead Muslim Tasbih Prayer Beads

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Large Muslim tasbih, also known as prayer beads, dhikr beads, or sibha. Features the electroplated meandros design on each black bead engraved with a metallic silver-like tone. This large Muslim tasbih has 33 round beads measuring 13-mm in size with small 3×7-mm saucer-shaped dividers at each 11-bead section. Made from durable acrylic, this large Muslim tasbih is decorated with 4 beads above the alif, in place of the usual tasseled design. The alif or imam bead measures 1.18-inches (3cm) long and is 10mm at the widest point. Strung on virtually unbreakable black and white intertwined nylon string. The inside circumference of this large Muslim tasbih is only about 17-inches (43 cm) so it will NOT fit over the head for adults. It is a lightweight tasbih, being only 55 grams, yet very sturdy and classy. A Muslim tasbih is a handheld tool used to keep count of repetitive dhikrs or mentions of names of Allah. It is similar in concept to prayer beads used in other religious traditions. Muslim tasbihs vary slightly but most commonly consists of 99 or 33 beads along with an alif or imam bead at the top where the two strands of beads meet. The Muslim tasbih helps individuals keep track of the number of times they have recited their phrases, litanies or devotional practices, allowing them to focus on their spiritual connection with God.

Using a tasbih is personal choice but not compulsory in Islam. It is believed by some that he first Muslim tasbih was crafted by the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Fatimah Az-zahra (RA). It provides a tangible way to engage in repetitive prayer and reflection. It is commonly used during private devotions, as well as in dhikr gatherings, such as mosques, zawiyas or religious study circles.

Muslim tasbihs also make the perfect gifts for new Muslims, occasions of the Eid holidays or just a present for your loved ones. Many Muslims also choose to give tasbihs away as wedding souvenirs. As with all tasbihs from the collection by TheTasbih, we check them one-by-one and guarantee the quality and workmanship.

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Key Features

  • Large engraved meandros Muslim tasbih sibha
  • 13-mm beads - 8.5-inch (21.60 cm) circumference
  • Strung on sturdy black/white nylon woven string
  • Light-weight Islamic prayer sibha dhikr beads
  • Perfect for new Muslims, wedding souvenir, Eid gift
Brand TheTasbih
Color Green
Material Plastic
Bead Diameter 0.5" (1.27cm)
Size Length: 13" (33cm)