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Jerrahi Citrus Wood Tasbih, 8-mm, 99-beads with 11 Bead Marker

Jerrahi Citrus Wood Tasbih, 8-mm, 99-beads with 11 Bead Marker

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This Jerrahi citrus wood tasbih (tesbih) is a beautiful and well-made prayer beads set made from high quality Indonesian citrus wood and durable woven nylon cord.

Designed for the Jerrahi (cerrahi) Tariqah with 99 beads and a 6-mm tamarind wood bead marker at the 11th bead.

The wood has a natural yellow tone, and the cord is a matching shade of yellow that complements the wood beautifully. The cord is woven tightly, making it virtually unbreakable and extremely long lasting. The two beautiful tassels (one on the alif and one on the movable space marker) are also made of the same durable nylon cord, and they add a touch of elegance to the overall design.

Each bead of the Jerrahi citrus wood tasbih is carved and polished to expose the natural grain and texture of the wood. With its smooth and perfectly shaped beads, this tasbih offers a comfortable and soothing touch as you glide through your prayers.

This tasbih has an extra 10-bead counter positioned above the Alif/imam bead, allowing for easy tracking of tasbih or dhikr repetitions. Additionally, it features a movable space marker, which can be adjusted along the string to mark specific points or sections.

With a bead size of 8 mm, this Jerrahi citrus wood tasbih offers a delicate and compact feel. The smaller beads provide a comfortable grip during use and contribute to the overall compactness of the tasbih.

Notably, its 32-inch (81 cm) inside diameter makes it easily fit over the head to wear around the neck.

As with almost all tasbihs from TheTasbih™, these Jerrahi tasbihs are designed with a half-knot and a lock bead which allows for the tension to be adjusted to set the desired amount of space between each bead.

Please bear in mind that due to the handcrafted nature of these tasbihs, slight variations in design may occur, and natural colorations may occur, adding to the uniqueness of each item.

Comes in a silver foil gift box for single purchases in the USA and Canada.

Key Features

  • Quality 8mm tasbih with extra marker at the 11th bead
  • Jerrahi tariqah design with 2 elegant matching tassel
  • Divided at each 33-Bead section, extra movable place marker
  • Adjustable tension - Inside diameter measures 32" (81 cm)
  • 10-bead counter above Alif for extensive repetitions
Brand TheTasbih
Color Yellow
Material Wood
Wood Type Citrus
String Color Yellow

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