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Ironwood Islamic Tasbih 10x5mm 99-Bead Flat Oval Stigi Handmade Prayer Beads with 2 Brown Tassels

Ironwood Islamic Tasbih 10x5mm 99-Bead Flat Oval Stigi Handmade Prayer Beads with 2 Brown Tassels

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MUSLIM TASBIH PRAYER BEADS for salah, namaz dhikr and salawat. This medium-size simple brown natural wood Islamic tasbih has 10x5mm flat oval beads. The beads are shiny and smooth to the touch. The beads are buffed to a natural shine without using chemical finishes or lacquers. There are 99-beads in total with 2 dividers at each 33-bead section. Our tasbih has an approximate 22-inch (58cm) circumference so it does NOT fit over the head to be worn around your neck. Strung with durable nylon strands woven together for extra strength. Features 2 durable handcrafted nylon tassels for decoration. This tasbih has our patented adjustable tension knot above the alif which allows for you to set the tension and space between the beads to your exact preference.
Our tasbihs are assembled by hand on a small quantity basis. The alif bead (a.k.a. imam), which can also be called a sibha, misbaha, subha, dhikr beads or just prayer beads, is 1.7-inch (4.5cm) long. There are 10 counter beads above the alif. This is for extensive repetitions where you can use the smaller beads to help count up to 1000 or even 1,000,000. This tasbih originates from Indonesia and is made by Muslims. It is a perfect tasbih to leave in your car, by hanging it on the rear-view mirror. It is good to have a few extra tasbihs like this on-hand to give as gifts as well. Comes in a small silver-foil 2×8 inch cotton-filled box for U.S. and Canada customers with single purchases.
This Islamic tasbih is sure to last a lifetime. Buy with confidence! We guarantee the strength of our tasbihs. If your TheTasbih brand tasbih breaks under normal use, we’ll replace it for FREE. Note: This is a natural wood product. Color variances and small imperfections may be noticed. Care recommendations: Avoid allowing this tasbih tasbih to coming in contact with water, soaps or salt-water. Doing so may cause the wood to lose its luster. Wood tasbihs tend to naturally become darker with usage.

Key Features

  • Features an extra 10-bead counter and a space marker
  • Has patented tension knot for adjusting spacing
  • Light brown flat oval beads with 2 nylon tassels
  • Made from natural Indonesia ironwood (stigi)
  • Comes in a gift box for U.S. and Canada customers
Brand TheTasbih
Color Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Ironwood
String Color Brown