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Beige and Silver Domino Design 14mm Round 33 bead with 2 small dividers and 4 Bead Tassel Plastic Tasbih

Beige and Silver Domino Design 14mm Round 33 bead with 2 small dividers and 4 Bead Tassel Plastic Tasbih

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Large Muslim prayer beads for Islamic prayers made from a beige brown plastic resin. This large misbaha features a metallic silver-tone five-petal flower design electroplated on both sides of each bead. The alif is decorated with the same dotted pattern on to the top and bottom portions. These large beige brown Muslim prayer beads have 33 round beads measuring 14mm in size with small 3×7-mm saucer-shaped dividers at each 11-bead section. Made from durable plastic resin, this large beige brown Muslim prayer beads set is decorated with 4 of the same round beads above the alif, in place of the usual tassel design. The alif or imam bead measures 1.18-inches (3cm) long and is 8mm at the widest point. Strung on virtually unbreakable brown and white woven nylon string. The inside circumference of this large white misbaha is only about 17-inches (43 cm) so it will NOT fit over your head. It is a lightweight, being only 55 grams, yet still very sturdy and elegant. An easy misbaha to use and handy to have around your house, car or place of worship. Please see the photo of raw plastic resin below:

plastic resin

Are you familiar with 33-bead Muslim prayer beads aka misbaha, tasbih or sibha?
To summarize, 33-bead Muslim prayer beads are a shorter version of the traditional 99-bead Musim prayer beads. They serve the same purpose of aiding Muslims in their prayers and remembrance of Allah but are designed for more convenient and compact use. The 33-bead prayer beads are especially popular among Muslims who are often on the go or have limited space to carry larger prayer beads.

The structure and usage of the 33-bead prayer beads are also similar to the 99-bead versions, with the beads used for counting the recitations of specific phrases or prayers. Typically, a 33-bead Muslim prayer beads set consists of 33 beads without dividers beads at each 11-bead section. This can vary depending on the specific design and tradition. Some don’t use dividers at all.

Similar to the 99-bead Misbaha, the 33-bead version is conveniently used to recite different phrases such as:

1. Subhan Allah (Glory be to God) – recited 33 times
2. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God) – recited 33 times
3. Allahu Akbar (God is [the] Greatest) – recited 33 times

These are the 3 phrases said after each obligatory prayer. In some cases, Muslim prayer beads may have additional beads or tassels for decoration, but the primary focus is on the 33 beads for counting and keeping track of prayers.

Just like the traditional prayer beads, using the 33-bead Muslim prayer beads is a voluntary and not obligatory in Islam. Muslims may also use their fingers to count prayers or recitations if they prefer, as the use of prayer beads is a personal choice to enhance one’s focus and concentration.

Key Features

  • Large dotted design Muslim prayer beads
  • 14mm beads, 17-inches (43 cm) circumference
  • Strung on sturdy intertwined nylon string
  • Light-weight Islamic prayer beads for dhikr
  • Perfect for new converts, wedding souvenirs, Eid gift
Brand TheTasbih
Color Beige
Material Plastic
Bead Diameter 0.5" (1.27cm)
Size Length: 13" (33cm)

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