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Wow, tasbihs that glow in the dark! If you've ever found yourself fumbling around in the dark for your tasbih, you'll be thrilled to know that these special plastic glow-in-the-dark tasbihs have been available for decades. Not only are they practical, but they are also affordably priced and suitable for people of all ages, making them an excellent gift for Eid and other special occasions.

Currently, these unique tasbihs are available in two counts: 99-bead and 33-bead, both of which are strung on heavy-duty nylon string with 8-mm beads. They include FREE standard shipping for the U.S.

Made by Muslims in Turkey, these glow-in-the-dark tasbihs are guaranteed to last for many years to come. Additionally, the 99-bead version of this tasbih is nice to have hanging on your car mirror, adding a touch of spirituality to your daily commute. However, due to their handmade nature, this low-priced handy tasbih is only available on and off. Get yours now on while they last.

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