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Sterling Silver Open-able Triangular Nazar Talisman Pendant and Cord

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SKU: SLP-TRTS1 UPC: ​ 747726431625
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This is a beautiful antique-finished sterling silver open-able talisman pendant with an adjustable cord necklace. It measures 4.4 cm across the top and 3.4 cm on the sides. It slides open at the top so that you can put your prayers, taveez, duas or Qur’an. Inside width is .45cm. It has “Allah Jalla Jalaluhu (Magnificent is His Glory)” on one side and the Nazar (evil-eye) protection ayat (wa in Yakadu…) on one side. The cord can be adjusted from 35.5cm to 66cm long. Comes in a small gift box. On one side of the pendants there are 2 ayat (verses) from Suratul-Qalam – Chapter of the Pen. The translation reads: And those who disbelieve would almost smite you with their eyes when they hear the reminder and they say “most surely he is mad”, and it is naught but a reminder to all the worlds. (Surah 68, Ayat 51 & 52). This is believed by some to be protection from the evil eye or “nazar”. Allah knows be sterling

  • Beautiful open and close pendant
  • Comes with an adjustable cord
  • Unique rare design in sterling silver
  • Protection from evil eye (bi idhnillah)
  • Can be worn by men, women or children
MaterialSterling Silver


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