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Sandalwood 33-bead Tasbih Prayer Beads 10mm with 2 Green Copper Tassels

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SKU: TSS-3K101 UPC: ​ 730639233868

High quality sandalwood Muslim prayer beads with 33 beads with dividers. Handcrafted in Indonesia. Features adjustable tension so that you can change the space between the beads to fit your liking. Crafted with 2 unique green threads. Has an extra 10-bead counter for extensive repetitions and a movable space marker. The inside diameter of 13″ (33cm) does not fit overhead. Strung with durable woven nylon threads that are virtually unbreakable.

  • Handcrafted 10mm sandalwood with black decorated tassels.
  • The inside diameter of 13" does not fit overhead.
  • Strung on woven nylon string with high-quality tassels.
  • Sandalwood from Indonesia, extra 10-bead counter & marker.
  • Comes in a silver-foil gift box for US & Canadian customers.
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ColorLight Brown
Wood TypeSandalwood
String ColorGreen