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Prayer Beads – 10mm 99-Bead Flat Oval Tamarind Tasbih with Matching Dark Brown Tassels and 10-bead Counter

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Muslim prayer beads made from wood from the core of tamarind fruit trees, known as Galih Asem in Bahasa Indonesia. TheTasbih offers these unique natural beads buffed to a shine without using any chemical finishes, oils or lacquers. This tasbih is not only designed with a 10-bead counter for extensive repetitions and dividers but also a movable place marker. The dark brown shiny beads are smooth and comfortable to use.
The imam/alif bead is nicely sculpted on a hand-operated lathe to the traditional tapered shape. All our tasbihs are strung with durable woven nylon strings and come with a lifetime warranty. We guaranteed them not to break under normal use. These prayer beads have 21-inches (54cm) and do not fit overhead but can be wrapped around the wrist.
This 99-bead tasbih, like most of our exclusive wooden tasbih designs, features our adjustable tension feature. It can be adjusted to set your preferred distance between the beads. There are ornamental dividers (aka muezzins) at each 33-bead section. Comes in a silver-foil 2×8 inch cotton-filled box for U.S. and Canada customers with single purchases.
Note: This is a natural wood product. Color variances and small imperfections may be noticed. Care recommendations: We do not recommend letting this wood tasbih come in contact with soaps, salt-water as reaction to chemicals may cause the wood lose its luster.
Here is a good article with more details regarding Tamarind Wood.

  • Features an extra 10-bead counter and a space marker
  • Adjustable tension with 2 dark brown tassels
  • Shiny flat oval wood beads divide at 33-bead
  • Made from the dense core of the tamarind fruit tree
  • Comes in a 2x8” cotton-filled silver foil gift box
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ColorDark Brown
Wood TypeTamarind
String ColorBrown


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Tamarind wood refers to the timber obtained from fallen old Tamarind Fruit trees, scientifically known as Tamarindus indica. The Tamarind tree is a tropical hardwood tree believed to be native to Africa but is now widely cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions around the world.
This particular tamarind wood tasbih has a small diameter of 21-inches (54cm) so it is not intended to be large enough to fit over one’s head.
This tasbih is constructed using 100% nylon strands that are woven together to make a strong cord. Because of this method we can guarantee the sturdiness of this tasbih and offer a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks under normal use, we’ll replace it for free.
This tasbih us polished by hand to a shine, without using any type of lacquer or chemical polish. This makes the tasbih water resistant. With that, we do suggest that you avoid getting it too wet as that will cause the luster to dissipate.
It is very easy to adjust the tension of your tasbih. Simply loosen the knot on the lock bead above the alif/imam and slide it up away from the lock bead then tighten it again to get the desired space between the beads.