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Nakshabandi Tasbih Tamarind Wood 4mm Oval Prayer Beads 198-bead Necklace

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Naqshbandi wood tasbih (also known as a sibha, subha or misbaha) prayer beads necklace made from the dense core of the Indonesia tamarind fruit tree. This small Naqshibandi tariqah-style tasbih is carefully handcrafted and divided at the following bead counts of 6, 3, 59, 29, 33, 34 ending with 34 beads making a total of 198 beads, not counting the dividers. The beads on this tasbih are 4mm tall and 6mm wide. A unique rich dark brown wood that has character and is made shiny and smooth to the touch. The dividers are a larger round 8-mm bead. It is strung on virtually unbreakable woven nylon cord that matches the color of the tamarind wood. Our Naqshbandi tasbih also features movable space marker and extra 10 bead counters made of 4x6mm saucer-shaped beads. The alif/imam bead measures 1-1/8 inch tall. The circumference of the Naqshbandi tasbih is 36-inches so it fits easily over the head. As with most of our wood prayer bead tasbihs, the tension or space between the beads can be adjusted to your preference. There are many branches of the Naqshbandi Tariqah. Please carefully check the count on this tasbih before ordering to make sure it suits your needs. Comes in a small cotton filled gift box with single purchases for U.S. and Canada customers.

  • Naqshbandi tasbih with special count of 6,3,59,29,33,34,34 (198 beads)
  • Made with 4x6mm oval beads with 6 8-mm round divider beads
  • Natural dark brown tamarind wood – Perfect size for women
  • Durable woven cord makes it unbreakable under normal use
  • Features a space marker and 10-bead counter for extensive repetitions
Naksibendi Tasbih Tamarind Wood 4mm Oval Prayer Beads
Color Dark Brown
Material Wood
Wood Type Tamarind
String Color Black


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