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Have you ever owned a tasbih made from bone or buffalo horn? At, we are proud to offer low-priced bone and buffalo horn tasbihs from TheTasbih, crafted with precision by Muslims and featuring a distinct weight and feel.

Our bone tasbihs are expertly crafted using cleaned bones from camels that have been slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. Rather than discarding these bones, they are repurposed to create beautiful tasbih prayer beads.

Likewise, our buffalo horn tasbih prayer beads are made using the same process. The horns are carefully cleaned and transformed into stunning tasbih beads, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional materials by utilizing resources that might otherwise go to waste.

We offer 33-bead and 99-bead bone and horn tasbihs, which are strung on durable nylon and some are complemented with kuka seed accent beads from the attalea funifera tree. Our products are shipped in small cotton-filled gift boxes, and we always offer FREE standard shipping within the U.S.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Bone tasbih prayer beads are crafted from the cleaned bones of camels that have been slaughtered in a halal and humane way. Instead of throwing the bones away they are repurposed to make tasbih prayer beads. The same process goes for our buffalo horn tasbih prayer beads.
TheTasbih brand bone tasbihs on range from $14.99 to $34.99 when they are on sale.
All of our bone tasbihs are made in Turkey by Muslims. They carefully craft these bone tasbihs with precision and attention to detail.
Bone tasbihs feel heavy and grounding in the hand, making them a popular choice among many people.
Our bone tasbihs are strung with a soft nylon cord that is virtually unbreakable. This ensures that the tasbih will last for a long time, even with regular use. The nylon cord is also gentle on the bones, preventing any damage or wear to the surface of the beads.