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White Naqshibandi Sufi Taj Faux Felt Pointed Kufi Hat

Not sure what size to choose? Please refer to our guide on how to choose the right kufi hat size for assistance in finding the perfect fit.

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SKU: KFR-NQFW1 UPC: ​ 730639223449

Naqshbandi tajs made from faux felt covering a layer of semi-rigid foam and lined with a thin layer of interfacing. These Naqshbandi tajs or crowns (Nakshibendi in Turkish) are handcrafted with care. They are perfect for tying a turban (amamah) on yet they can be folded for travel and easy storage. The side walls are 3.25 inches tall (8cm) then it tapers up to a peak making the total height of the taj to be about 7.5 inches (19cm). This white Naqshbandi tariqah crown hat only has one seam. The thickness of the materials is about 4mm. Care recommendations: dry-clean only.

  • White Faux Felt Naqshbandi Pointed Taj Crown Hat
  • Semi-rigid for tying turban but foldable for travel
  • Handcrafted unique one-seam design with lining
  • Height of 7.5 inches (19cm), 3.25 inch side walls
  • Tall White Nakshibendi tariqah sufi hat Tapered Top


PatternStriped Stitch
Height9" (22.8cm)