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Textured White and Gold Embroidered Sandal Kufi Hat

Not sure what size to choose? Please refer to our guide on how to choose the right kufi hat size for assistance in finding the perfect fit.

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SKU: KFJ-EWGD1 UPC: ​ 730639228963

White Islamic kufi hat embroidered with the Holy Prophet’s Sandal (Na’lain Shareef) emblem. A unique high-quality rigid oval kufi prayer cap. This white Muslim fashion kufi is machine embroidered then assembled by hand. It is crafted with 3 layers; an outer smooth fabric, thin foam filling and inner lining. Covered with an elegant white embroidery design accented with golden yellow thread embroidery. The sandal emblem is embroidered on both sides and the top. The sandal design on the top is filled with beautiful small flowers. This is a rigid kufi hat but it can still be folded for travel or storing. Please measure your head circumference carefully to ensure that you choose the correct size. Being available in sizes from XS to 2X, we hope you can find the perfect measurement to fit your head. This is a fitted kufi hat that will not stretch. We currently offer 6 different sizes when available. This kufi hat is exclusively crafted for TheKufi brand. Note: This is a limited edition kufi hat that may not be produced again. Black rigid Prophet Muhammad’s sandal design Muslim hat Intricate embroidery covering the top and sides Available in 6 sizes, folds for convenience and travel Limited edition kufi hat – Exclusively made by TheKufi. Care recommendations: dry clean only or handwash with gentle soap fine brush and hang to dry.

  • Unique rigid Na'lain Prophet's sandal design Muslim hat
  • Oval top with 10.1cm (4in) overall height with 7.6cm (3in) side-walls
  • Unique outlined embroidery on top and sides
  • Comes in 6 sizes, folds for convenience and travel
  • Exclusively made by TheKufi. Dry cleaning recommended.
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Care RecommendedDry-Clean Only
Height4" (10.1cm)