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Small Marble Maroon Yellow Plastic Tasbih 6x5mm Zikr Prayer Beads

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SKU: TSL-9M5A1 UPC: ​ 730639218872

This is a small dark maroon and yellow marbled plastic tasbih that will NOT fit over adult size heads. The beads are horizontal oval 6x5mm beads that are somewhat flat rather than round. It has a 22” diameter so it will fit over kids heads but NOT adults. Comes in a small cotton-filled gift box for single purchases to most destinations. Very sturdy construction.

  • Marbled maroon and yellow marbled 99-bead plastic tasbih prayer beads.
  • 6x5mm beads, 22-inch diameter will NOT fit over most heads
  • Has dividers at each 33-bead section, with 2 decorative beads on top.
  • Made in Turkey by Muslims. Strung on durable string.
  • Comes in a small cotton-filled gift box with single purchase - excellent gift idea!


ColorDark Red
Monomer TypeMonomer
String ColorWhite