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Set of Black & White Semi-Rigid Soft Handcrafted Tall Naqshbandi Tariqah Sufi Kufi Hat

Not sure what size to choose? Please refer to our guide on how to choose the right kufi hat size for assistance in finding the perfect fit.

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SKU: KFR-NQ2Q1 UPC: ​ 730639213815

Set of two Naqshbandi tariqah TAJ kufi hats. You will receive a Black and a White pointed taj kufi hat. Naqshbandi Sufi tariqah TAJ (meaning “crown”) kufi hats made from semi-rigid foam material covered with textured soft RED nylon fabric. It is then lined with thin spunbonded material. The name Naqshbandi is also spelled naksibendi, naqsyabandi or naqshabandi in different countries. This Sufi order is well known for wearing this taj as they believe it is the shape of the original hat worn by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). As for the green color of this taj kufi hat, we know that this was also one of the Prophets (SAW) favorite colors to wear. It has a 3-inch base with a 6-inch peak. So, the total height of this pointy hat is 9 inches. Perfect for wrapping a turban on. It is well-stitched on the sides and the top. This Sufi taj cap is especially designed to be rigid enough to hold a large turban while still being comfortable on the head. This taj kufi hat is offered in the following 5 sizes when available: Small 21.5in (54.5cm)
Medium 22in (56cm)
Large 22.75in (58cm)
X-Large 23.5in (60 cm)
XXL 24in (61cm)
These measurements represent the inside circumference of the taj. Please measure your if you are unsure of your size so that you choose the accurate sizes. Care instructions: Dry clean only.

  • Handcrafted durable fabric semi-rigid kufi
  • 3-inch base with 6-inch peak, 9-inch total height
  • 7.6cm base with 15.2cm peak, 22.8cm total height
  • Perfect for wearing alone or with a turban
  • Set contains 2 kufi hats: Black & White


MaterialNylon Foam
PatternStriped Stitch
Height9" (22.8cm)