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Sasha Siwak Toothpaste – Whitening with Lemon Salt – 65gr

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SKU: MSW-TPLS65 UPC: ​ 730639243942

The packaging of Sasha Toothpaste Whitening is white with the main ingredients of Siwak, Lemon and Salt.
Its function is not only to maintain the strength of the teeth, but also to restore the natural white color of the teeth. There is a herbal aroma that makes your mouth and breath fresh after use, but is not too pungent.
Sasha halal toothpastes with natural siwak is both effective in preventing cavities.
Sasha Halal Toothpastes are produced by PT Kino Indonesia Tbk. PT Kino Indonesia is committed to implementing a halal guarantee system, both in terms of materials, facilities, halal policies, the halal management team and the workforce.
As a halal toothpaste, Sasha bears the MUI (Grand Council of Indonesian Ulama) halal logo. It does not contain alcohol, or animal products, so it is safe for Muslims to use it. If there is toothpaste with Siwak, why use anything else? As we know, miswak is recommended by the sunnah (Prophetic Traditions).
Sasha Toothpaste comes in 2 sizes. The personal size and family size. The personal small size is only 65 grams while the larger tube is 150 grams. It’s time to move to halal toothpaste with siwak!
Let us know if you have any interest in offering this unique product. At IndoMode Supply, we offer affordable bulk pricing.

  • Made with real miswak particles and betel leaf extract
  • Effective for cleaning and fighting bacteria
  • Helpful in strengthening the teeth
  • Reduces mouth and breath odor
  • Halal, natural & non-alcohol


Weight65 gram
FlavorSiwak, Lemon & Salt