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Sandalwood Prayer beads 99ct 8mm-bead Scented Tasbih with Black Tassels

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SKU: TSS-9C8M1 UPC: ​ 747726432196

ISLAMIC sandalwood prayer beads having 99 beads with ornamental dividers between each 33 bead set. Features our patented adjustable tension so that you can adjust the spacing between the beads to your preference. This MUSLIM TASBIH has 2 unique copper decorated black tassels. Being made from natural Asian sandalwood, they have a subtle pleasant sandalwood scent. Our tasbihs are handmade by Muslims and we strive to maintain the best quality craftsmanship. We do not use chemical finishes or lacquers so this tasbih has a rather matte finish, as the beads are polished by hand. Made from the Indonesian sandalwood tree, this tasbih has pitch black tassels decorated with shiny thin coiled copper wire. Comes with an extra 10-bead counter for extra repetitions and a space marker that can be moved to mark a specific count. These sandalwood prayer beads have an inside circumference of 30-inches so it fits easily over the head. All of our tasbihs are made by Muslims and are of the highest quality. These sandalwood tasbihs have a natural aromatic sandalwood scent. Made from the Indonesian sandalwood tree. This TheTasbih brand tasbih features adjustable tension and most come with 10-bead and/or 3-bead counters for extra repetitions and a space marker.

  • Handcrafted 8mm sandalwood with black decorated tassels
  • Inside diameter of 30-inches to fit easily over the head
  • Strung on woven nylon string with high quality tassels
  • Sandalwood from Indonesia, extra 10-bead counter & marker
  • Comes in a silver-foil gift box for US & Canada customers
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ColorLight Brown
Wood TypeSandalwood
String ColorBlack