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Sandalwood Jerrahi Prayer Beads Scented Tasbih Misbaha 8-mm 11-bead Marker Black Tassel

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High quality, natural 8-mm sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads made from Indonesian sandalwood or cendana tree. A 99-bead tasbih strung with durable black woven cord which is virtually unbreakable. Designed for the Jerrahi (Cerrahi) Sufi Tariqah with a 4-mm tamarind tree wood bead marker at the 11th bead from the alif on both sides. Different tariqahs (orders) prefer certain markers for their spiritual litanies and remembrances (dhikrs or adhkar).

These sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads have an inside circumference of approximately 32-inches (81 cm) so it fits easily over the head to wear on the neck. The sculpted alif aka imam bead is about 1.7 inches (4 cm) long. These handcrafted sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads, tasbih or sibha features our patented adjustable tension design. You can adjust the space or tension between the beads to your liking, so they are set to the desired amount of space between each bead.

We have full confidence in the strength of the woven nylon strands we use for this tasbih. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty. If your sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads break under normal usage, we’ll replace it at any time. Comes in a gift box for single purchases in the USA and Canada. Another high quality handcrafted tasbih from TheTasbih. These sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads have a 100% black nylon tassel decorated with thin shiny coiled copper wire to give it a unique look.

Coiled copper wire used to decorate the tassel on TheTasbih brand sandalwood jerrahi prayer beads.
Coiled copper wire used to decorate the tassel on these sandalwood Jerrahi prayer beads.

NOTE: The sandalwood scent will naturally dissipate over time due to the aging of the wood and its absorbing moisture from the elements or oil/sweat from your body. To make the scent last longer we suggest storing the tasbih in an airtight zip bag. Furthermore, due to being handcrafted, our tasbihs may vary slightly in design. Natural color variations or shades may be noticed with each item. Scented sandalwood tasbihs are an excellent gift idea for the Eid or other holiday occasions. As a birthday present or gift for your loved ones, they are also recommended because they already come in a gift box (for U.S. and Canada customers).

  • Handcrafted 8mm sandalwood JERRAHI prayer beads
  • Inside circumference of 32-inches to fit easily over the head
  • Strung on woven nylon string with a high-quality tassel
  • Scented Sandalwood from Indonesia, aka Kayu Cendana
  • Comes in a silver-foil gift box for US & Canada customers
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Wood TypeSandalwood
String ColorBlack


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Jerrahi Sufi Order, aka Jerrahiyya or Jerrahi-Halveti Order, is a Sufi order within the spiritual branch of Islam called Sufism. It is believed to be founded by Sheikh Shamsuddin Ahmed al-Ansari in the 18th century in Istanbul, Turkey. The order takes its name from its founder's hometown, Jerrahi.
Yes, this Jerrahi prayer beads necklace has a circumference of 32-inches (81 cm) so it will fit easily over your head.
Our Jerrahi prayer beads are constructed using 100% nylon strands that are woven together to make a strong cord. Because of this method we can guarantee the sturdiness of this tasbih and offer a lifetime guarantee. If it breaks under normal use, we’ll replace it for free.
Each bead on these Jerrahi prayer beads is sanded by hand with no lacquer or chemical polish applied. This makes the tasbih water resistant. With that, we do suggest that you avoid getting it too wet as that will cause the luster to dissipate.
It is very easy to adjust the tension of your tasbih. Simply loosen the knot above the alif bead and slide the knot up away from the lock bead then tighten it again to get the desired space between the beads.