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Naturally-Dyed Ironwood 8mm Tasbih Prayer Beads 99-Bead with Matching Brown Tassels

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SKU: TSR-9N8L1 UPC: ​ 747726432455

MUSLIM SIBHA tasbih with 99-beads made from exotic Asian Stigi or Iron Wood. These prayer (aka Tasbih, Subha, Misbaha, Tesbih) are dyed with palm fruit seeds and white limestone to give a beautiful brown color. The beads are then buffed to a natural shine without using chemical finishes or lacquers. The beads measure around 8-mm in sizes and can be adjusted to obtain your desired tension or space between the beads. Adjustable tension tasbihs are the hallmark feature for sibhas from TheTasbih. Our Muslim sibhas also come with a lifetime warranty. If they break under normal use we’ll always replace them. They are strung on durable woven nylon string. The inside circumference is about 30 inches (76 cm) so that they fit over your head to wear as a necklace. Comes in a gift box for US and Canada customers only.

  • Beautiful shiny 8mm beads
  • Strung on durable string with high quality tassels
  • Beautifully carved imam and muezzin divider beads
  • Limited quantity available - not mass-produced
  • Exotic Indonesian stigi or Setigi wood known in English as Iron Wood
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Wood TypeIronwood
String ColorBrown