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Muslim Prayer Beads White Black Arabic Basmalah Blessing 7x9mm Oval 99-bead Acrylic Tasbih Sibha for Dhikr Salah Salawat for EID GIFT BOXED

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A limited-edition Muslim tasbih with the verse “In the name of Allah (GOD) the Beneficent, the Merciful” on each bead. The word BASMALAH refers to this ayat or verse of the Quran. It is the short form of Bismillahir-rahmanir-rahim. A perfect tasbih for salat and dhikr and salawat. This medium-size white and black tasbih bears this beautiful Quranic inscription written in the Arabic language. The inscription is made with a clearly legible black color in a Turkish style script or khat (hat). Made from a durable and hard molded acrylic based plastic, this tasbih has a nice weight and feel to it. There are 99-beads in total with small knob dividers at each 33-bead section. Our tasbih has an approximate 26-inch (66-cm) circumference so it easily fits over the head to be worn around your neck. Strung with durably nylon woven string, this tasbih is sure to last a lifetime. The small alif bead (a.k.a. imam) on this tasbih, which can also be called a sibha, misbaha, subha, dhikr beads or just prayer beads, is 1-inch (2.5-cm) long. There are 3 beads above the alif and a knob stop-bead for decoration. This tasbih originates from Turkey and is made by Muslims. We kindly recommend that one use and wear this tasbih while in the state of ablution (wudhu, abtest) since it bears the name of Allah.
Tasbih prayer beads come in many styles and sizes. One should consider the bead size that would be most comfortable for them to use. This is a special tasbih, in that it has Quran on it, so it must be cared for and kept in pure areas of your house. Muslim prayer beads are meant to help one keep count and concentrate during their worship and remembrance of Allah (Arabic for GOD). A perfect EID gift, wedding gift or gift for Muslims.
NOTE: Beads may vary slightly in shape and may not be uniformly round. Small imperfections may be noticed with these molded plastic beads.

  • Medium-size prayer beads for dhikr and salawat
  • Basmalah written on each of the 7x9mm 99 beads
  • Has 26-inch circumference to fit over the head
  • Strong on durable long-lasting woven nylon string
  • Perfect gift for Eid or birthdays, made by Muslims


ColorWhite & Black
Bead Size7mm x 9mm
String ColorWhite