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Medium-weight Velvet Burial Coffin Chadar Casket Cover Islamic Janazah Cloth Green Gold

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Muslim janazah coffin cover made from a fine velvet. This beautiful medium-weight velvet mix material coffin cloth (aka chadar or chaddar) casket cover for Islamic burials measures 72 x 114-inches. This Islamic burial procession coffin cloth displays the Quranic verse “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun” (Indeed we are Allah’s and to Him we will return” and the Arabic Islamic testimony of “la ilaha illallah muhammadan rasulullah” (There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah) embroidered with golden-yellow thread on both sides using a beautiful decorative Arabic script.
Our Madinah green chadar casket cover is similar in color to the dome of the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s Mosque in Madinatul-Munawwarah. A coffin cloth for Islamic Janazahs is the perfect choice for honoring your loved one in a beautiful and respectful way. It is commonly draped over the deceased person’s body directly or used to cover the coffin while the person is in wake or being carried to the grave site. Therefore, this chadar it suitable for any Islamic burial service. With its elegant design, you can ensure that your loved one’s remains receive respect, grace and dignity.
An Islamic coffin cloth is a must-have for every Islamic Center, Mosque, Masjid or Musalla. They should be kept on hand for the inevitable occasions of the passing of Muslims. In most Muslim countries you will find this Islamic burial necessity on standby at the masjid or place of washing (ghusl) of the dead body. This Islamic burial coffin cover cloth is usually removed upon placing the person in the grave so it can be used over and over again. This coffin cover is handcrafted in Indonesia by Muslims.

  • Large green Islamic coffin/casket cover for burials, janazahs & tombs
  • Measures 72 x 114-inches (183 x 290-cm) excluding yellow fringe
  • Embroidered with Quranic verse and Islamic Creed on each side
  • A must-have for every masjid mosque and Muslim funeral home services
  • For traditional Islamic Muslim burials and funeral processions and maqams


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Size67" x 116.5" (170cm x 296cm)
Weighs3.3lbs (1.52kg)