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Islamic Prayer Small 6.5mm Jenitri Seed Tasbih with 99 Beads on Black Satin Cord and 10mm Divider

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SKU: TSA-9JR6S UPC: ​ 730639227300

A small handcrafted 100% natural Muslim-style tasbih made from the Rudraksha tree (latin: Eliocarpus ganitrus) seeds. These tasbihs are crafted in Indonesia where the tree is called Jenitri. This tree is considered to have healing properties for many ailments. The size of the seeds on this tasbih are 6.5-mm and it consists of 99 beads plus 2 9×7.5-mm dividers, a 14-mm alif bead and 2 slide-able 6.5-mm lock beads above the alif and 2 6.5-mm stop beads with approximately 4.25-inches of extra string for making personal modifications, if desired. Strung on durable 1.5-mm smooth black satin cord which is virtually unbreakable. No colors or dyes have been added, they come with their natural brown color. This seed is also nicknamed “blueberry seeds” as the fruit around the seed is usually a blue color. This model may not fit over one’s head as the diameter is only 22.5-inches (57cm). Note: This is a natural untreated product. Some slight variance in sizes, shapes and colors of the beads as well as minor imperfections are to be expected.

  • Natural-color small 6.5-mm handmade Jenitri seed tasbih from Indonesia
  • Unisex tasbih with 22.5-inch (57cm) diameter, will not fit over most heads
  • Believed to have many healing properties when worn on the skin
  • Naturally waterproof and extremely durable, comes in a small gift box
  • Strung on 1.5mm durable satin cord, excellent gift idea for any occasion


Wood TypeJenitri Rudraksha
String ColorBlack