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Instant Pull-on Easy Hijab Jilbabs in Various White – Padded Visser Shoulder-length Easy Muslimah Khimar

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SKU: HJP-PLWH1 UPC: ​ 747726433469

Instant pull-on easy hijabs are popular with adults and young ladies. Our line of one-size-fits-most soft satin-feel balloon spandex pull-over hijabs also called “instant hijabs” come in many colors. They have an opening for the face that is about 20-inches (51 cm) in diameter. Designed with a padded visor that is 3/16-inch (5mm) thick. It resembles a tube with one seam down the middle in the front. The visor makes the top of this hijab stay straight and protrude out (as to not cover the eyes) so some women prefer to use a small tube underscarf under this hijab for more formal occasions. The underscarf will keep your hair from showing. The light-weight comfortable design is excellent for girls and ladies. It is made from a soft polyester fabric with a satin feel to it. These hijabs are perfect to have when you are in a hurry or on the go and perfect to travel with. Please see the exact measurements in the photo diagram if you are unsure if it will fit you. Use the drop-down box to choose from our many colors.

  • Light-weight soft-feel balloon spandex fabric
  • Instant pull-on jilbab hijab in many colors
  • Comfortable short design, easy to put on in a hurry
  • Drapes down onto your shoulders and upper chest
  • One-size polyester pull-over hijabs with padded visor


ModelPull-Over Hijab