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Hazrat ALI Zulfiqar St. Silver Chrome-plated Hilt 2.3-inch Inscribed Islamic Sword Moslem Symbol Pendant for Necklaces

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SKU: SWP-SZHA1 UPC: ​ 730639248299

Our low-priced Islamic boxwood misbaha is handcrafted in Turkiye (Turkey) by Muslims with care and attention to detail. It is made from the finest boxwood and features large 8x11mm dark brown horizontal set oval beads. Turkiye is known for making some of the best misbaha (aka misbaha) in the world. Boxwood is recognized for durability while still being in the light-weight wood category. This Islamic misbaha consists of 99 beads, carefully strung together with a strong black nylon string for longevity and ease of use. The 8mm x 11mm bead size provides a comfortable grip for uninterrupted prayer sessions. The circumference of this Islamic boxwood misbaha is approximately 31.5-inches (80cm) so it will easily fit over your head to wear on the neck. The alif or imam bead is 1.38-inches (3.5cm) long and the dark brown nylon tassel is 2.36-inches (6 cm) long.

Adorned with an exquisite brown tassel, this Islamic misbaha necklace embodies tradition and Islamic heritage, adding elegance and style. Our Islamic wooden misbaha is the perfect companion for daily prayers, meditation, and awrad (spiritual duas and litanies). The rustic and authentic design of this misbaha creates a sense of warmth and serenity.

Not only a tool for counting and spiritual practices, our Islamic misbaha (aka sibha, misbaha or dhikr Beads) necklace is also a unique fashion statement, complementing your personal style and Islamic identity. Its wooden beads exude a sense of dignity that fits all occasions. Each wooden bead is meticulously carved and polished for a smooth touch. The oval beads on this Islamic misbaha have a dark brown varnish over the wood to ensure the luster and longevity of the beads. The securely tied string ensures the durability and reliability of this exquisite sibha.

Looking for a gift for a new male Muslim convert, souvenirs for wedding events or a birthday present? This large misbaha is the perfect size for those beloved men in your family. It is large enough to wear around the neck, hang on your care rear view mirror or just to have near your prayer rug for worship.

**Note: Being that this is a natural hand-crafted item, the color shades and shapes of the beads may vary slightly. Imperfections may be noticed and measurements may be slightly different with each misbaha.

  • Limited edition sterling silver with chrome plating
  • Unique sword inscribed with Hz. ALI on blade
  • Can be worn by men, women or children
  • Made in Turkey by Muslims, stamped 925
  • Comes in a small gift box. Perfect Eid gift!


MaterialSterling Silver
Jewelry TypeFine


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Made form 100% sterling silver with gold-tone chrome plating on handle.
Imam Ali was the nephew and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad and is considered the 4th Caliph of Islam.
No, chains are sold separately so that you can choose your preferred length and style.
This Zulfiqar (also known as Dhul-Fiqar) sword pendant is manufactured in Turkey by skilled Muslim craftsmen.
This sword pendant is designed to fit chains with a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 2 mm.