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Hajj & Umrah Anti-Theft Reinforced IHRAM Belt Waist Pouch Security Safety Travel Accessory 5.7×11-inch

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Hajj Safe travel belt is your perfect companion for Hajj and Umrah. A high-quality slender security accessory to wear over your IHRAM. This outside of this safety travel belt’s pouch measures 5.7-inch x 11-inches (15 x 28cm). It is 1 cm thick making it the perfect pouch for your smaller travel items. It will NOT fit most passports. Our Hajj Safe brand hajj and umrah pouch will give you peace of mind and safety for your mobile phone, keys, money, credit cards, miswak (a teeth-cleaning twig), small attar (perfume) or the likes. This is an excellent small waist pouch for frequent travelers as well. The metal wire re-enforced waist strap makes it slash proof and extra hard to cut. At the same time, it helps keep your IHRAM in place. We’d love to think that the Holy Haram is a safe haven but unfortunately there have been cases where pilgrim goer’s bags have been slashed or stolen. The Hajj Safe brand is the top brand for with patent-pending proprietary designs to make your spiritual and religious journey to the House of Allah safer.

  • Bag Size: 28cm x 15cm x 1cm
  • Belt Size - Fits from 30" waist to at least 44" waist
  • Made from water resistant Nylon material
  • Secure hidden buckle
  • Wire reinforced waist strap
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BrandHajj Safe
Bag Size15cm x 28cm x 1cm
Bag Strap ColorBlack