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Gold Round Molded 8-1/4 in Allah Muhammad Display Plate – Islamic Calligraphy Art

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SKU: DCR-21GKJ1 UPC: ​ 730639208644

Beautiful 8-1/4 in (21cm) gold plate made from durable molded hard epoxy plastic. Shows “Allah Jalla Sha’nuhu (magnificent is His station) and Muhammad alayhis-salaam (Upon him be peace)” in a classic Arabic calligraphy script. High quality, made in Turkey. Comes with a foldable display stand and can be hung on the wall. Fast shipping.

  • Unique decorative Islamic plate with stand
  • Displays Allah JJ and Muhammad SAW.
  • Beautifully designed decorative edge
  • Can be hung on a wall or used with stand
  • Limited edition. Few available. Imported item


MaterialHard Epoxy Plastic
Size8.25" (21cm)